• Reek of Irish turf

Irish Peat and Turf from Ireland

Here at Peat Ireland we have been importing peat and turf from Ireland since the early 1990's.

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    Hand picked.
    All or products are hand cut, turned, dried, picked and packed resulting in a consistant quality sod.
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    Quality Turf
    Our peat is cut deep from own bog in Ireland
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    We dont over cut and after harvesting leave the peatlands back to nature to regrow natural vegetation for future generations to enjoy. All our packaging is environmental friendly

Our Products

All products come in retail friendly packaging that looks great by the fireplace.

Black Sod Peat Bag

Packed in natural burlap bag. Really nice gift. .54 cubic feet.

Cappabane Irish Turf

Harvested by hand from Cappabane Mountain Bog in East Clare, Ireland. Box contains .68 cubic Feet of Naturally dried turf ( about 15 sods). Light the fire using wood or other fuels and when you are ready to settle down beside the fire add in 2 or 3 sods. Repeat as needed.

Irish Peat Briquettes

20-22 Fire Logs. Our peat briquettes (fire logs) have been Irelands favorite solid fuel for over 60 years. Wwill create that homely feeling you can only get with the scent of burning real Irish peat. 2 briquettes will burn for about 3 hours in an open fireplace. Comes in a sturdy and attractive retail box with carry cut outs on the ends for easy lifting.

Black Sod Irish Turf .27 cu ft

Small size pack makes a great gift. Approximately 6 sods - enought to guarantee memories flowing back for the evening. For best use add to an already established fire.

Black Sod Peat and Turf

Black Sod Turf (peat) is a unique product of Ireland. It comes from the deepest bogs in Ireland which are largely located in the midlands. Irish bogs were formed in marshy wetlands almost 10 thousand years ago. Bogs have become part of our culture and heritage. Black Sod Turf is 100% natural and organic. The brand Black Sod Turf gets its name from the unique characteristics of the peat from this area. The turf is distinctively black in color and noticeably heavy. Known locally as - stone turf - because of its weight and the depth of bog to which it is harvested from. Traditionally a two-sided spade called a Slean was used to cut the sods of wet peat from the bog. Once dried, the peat is then referred to as turf. Upon hearing the word - turf - it immediately recalls days of back breaking toil, cutting, stacking, drying and bagging winters fuel supply. Black Sod Turf conjures up dreams of lapping flames and the distinctive smell of a turf fire, which is synonymous with Irish households. To get the most from your turf, burn in an open fireplace. Light the fire using wood or other fuels and when you are ready to settle down beside the fire add in 2 or 3 Irish turf fire logs. These turf fire logs are also a great way ad flavor to food by breaking a little piece of a sod on an outdoor grill while cooking meats.


Based in Ireland and the USA, we have been saving turf on the boglands of Ireland for generations.


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